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A contraindication, by definition, is something that makes a particular treatment inadvisable. When speaking of massage, this term can be broken down into the following categories:


Absolute contraindication applies when it could worsen a particular condition, unwanted tissue destruction or spread of disease. Massage can spread malignancy, thrombi, atherosclerotic plaques and infected tissue. These concerns are serious and need to be discussed with your massage therapist. Click here for a detailed list.


These situations necessitate a time period of healing before receiving massage. It is important for your body to reserve its energy so it may return to a healthy state. For your benefit, and possibly your therapist’s, please schedule your next appointment once the issue has cleared. Click here for a detailed list.


These concerns may be temporary or chronic and may be worked around during massage. For your safety and the benefit of your therapist, please communicate if any of these situations apply to you and indicate the location before treatment begins. Click here for a detailed list.

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