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The New Deal- Come medi-cise with me in Bliss

October 22, 2012

So… here we are…Monday evening, I’m sitting looking out at the gentle ripples of water sparkling with the last of the sunshine for today…the boats are still and the air is cooling. I let out a long exhale, making sure to empty every… last…stagnant… puff-of-air that holds my fears, dreads, worries and tension … I am ready to take in a new breath. Clean and pure, savoring every wisp of oxygen- knowing I can make it into what I dream of…holding it at the top of my inhale- in stasis- feeling the heartbeat – feeling the energy flowing through every limb like an electric tingling pulse, I count to twenty one- then, at the last moment- slowly, steadily releasing the  pent up air toward the ethers-  carefully letting go of the breath bit by bit, as if it were a dear friend I don’t want to see leave…then feeling the still   ~   peaceful   ~  calm  ~  that floats through my being after… filling me with the makings of heaven.  


Imagine this as your hour of decompression after a days work… come enjoy the pure energy of live music as we take a step towards a new way of relaxation…meditation…exercise…this will help you stretch your mind as you stretch your muscles and get to know that special place inside you where you can go to unwind.

…only at SagesMassage Studio- aka – Bliss 

ask me about upcoming evenings of bliss…

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