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Extra Info for the SagesMassage September Newsletter

September 16, 2013

FROM MY GREETING:  Meditation & Breathwork

I mentioned Meditation as a great way to nurture yourself. There are a lot of options of all sorts of levels.

For a start or to add something new, There are plenty of free or low cost guided meditations you can stream (see itunes or just google “guided meditations”).  

There are 21 Day Meditations that you can sign up for free that send you a meditation every day right to your email. (  )    (Chopra Center also has free 21 day meditions sometimes…One just finished at the end of August- you’ll have to check to see when a new one starts)

If you are interested in a structured class and learning deeper about meditation, We are so fortunate to have The Gampopa Center in Eastport, Annapolis. Lama Phurbu Tashi Rinpoche gives guidance on traditional Tibetan meditations and concepts.  (


I also spoke of how effective conscious  breathwork can be. You can learn from videos or there are even  APPs for breathing -And meditation! One that I have is called Pranayama & it  helps you with timing breaths and shows you basics on how and where to inhale.

If you prefer a class, Barbara Johnson comes highly recommended from friends of mine, though I’ve not attended myself.  You can contact her at:, or by phone 410-703-4664

There’s also a couple other classes I’ve heard are starting up later this Fall, so you can check back with me and I’ll give you the info as I get it!

FROM DIET & LIFESTYLE:  Self Massage for Arthritis

The following self-massage is specific to the arm and shoulder:

> Stroking. Stroking from the wrist to the shoulder with moderate pressure, then from the shoulder back to the wrist three times. On the top of the hand, stroke from the wrist to the tips of the fingers and back to the
wrist. Repeat on the underside of the arm.

> Milking. On the top of the arm, cup fingers with thumb on the underside, pulling the flesh between them and gradually moving down to wrist and back up to shoulder from the wrist. Again, use moderate pressure. Repeat on bottom of the arm.

> Friction. Make circular movements with four fingers on top of the arm, moving across the shoulder and down the arm and top of hand. Repeat same on underside of arm.

> Skin rolling. Similar to the milking, squeeze the arm between the fingers and the thumb, then crawl fingers across skin with moderate pressure, first on top of arm and then underside of the arm and top of shoulder.



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In Health,

Jennifer Sage, LMT


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