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Fear- Don’t let it hold you back!

October 8, 2014

F = Focus instead of freaking out

E = Expose instead of escape

A = Approach instead of avoid

R = Rehearse a lot

In my October newsletter, I talked a little about Fear and problems it can cause. I ran by the acronym above while reading an article by Pamela D. Garcy, Ph.D. and it really resonated with me. I find it easier to work on things with an outline in place…but I’m not very good at creating these outlines. So, thank you Pamela for sharing this!! Hopefully you can benefit from it as well. You can read further in depth about this from her article here.

I think that giving in to fear immediately puts a negative spin on a situation, creating a flow you don’t want- right off the bat! Being mindful of the feeling is key- as opposed to trying not to have the feeling. It can be a tip off that it is something you need to focus on. Deep breathing and siting quietly with the feeling is a great way to allow it to be, not control you.  Following the steps above can help you gain a perspective you didn’t have before. Imagine, your fears working For you instead of Against you!

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