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Play and stay connected to your inner child…

July 6, 2015

Play is the way children learn! Why do we as adults decide to stop playing and work so much?!? Joy is a vital part of optimal health and most Americans (and some other nations, of course) have gotten in the habit of working so much, there is no time for play! Well, I say, play is just as important than work, if not more so! I know we have bills to pay, but if you cut out the fun and joy, you are not really living! It doesn’t take much- just try to incorporate some playtime in your day!!

Some ways I like to play include:

  • COLORING! – yes, I still love coloring. I have coloring books left over from when my son was young and some more mature design books I like to color in! Sometimes drawing your own designs is even better!!  Coloring
  • BUBBLES!  I just LOVE bubbles! I love how they look, i love watching them float away and especially love the way they turn just about anyone into the kid trying to run and pop them!!  🙂
  • Bubbles2
  • HANGING WITH KIDS!  There really is no easier way to learn about letting go and being free than being around those little innocent bundles of amazement! They are truly full of joy and still connected to that place of pure Love! Try to see things through those unspoiled eyes…listen to the questions they ask and the answers they give… so awe-inspiring!IMG_7122
  • HULA HOOPING!  Much fun and great exercise too! Dust off that hoop and just try to hula without smiling!!

IMG_7404.fullok…so this is advanced Hooping you can experience at different  Farmer’s Markets.  Baltimore Hoop Love is all about hooping and sharing the fun with all who want to play!!

These are just some of the ways I like to stay young…Would you share some of your ideas with me??

Jennifer Sage ~ owner SagesMassage

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