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Welcome Autumn

September 9, 2010

As the season changes, I am inspired to shed old habits and begin to replace them with healthier ones. If we’d all do this on our own, there would be such a shift!!

I am always flabbergasted when I see people littering and not taking care of their neighborhoods and even their own homes!! I mean, they are the ones who have to live there!! Why not take care of it, clean it up and keep it nice??
The same goes for our home on a bigger scale. We count on this Earth for so much, and continue to use resources for our own agendas without thought to whether it is healthy for our home.
For example, I heard a conversation about the honeybees on the radio the other day. I had casually heard about colonies disappearing and diseases or something effecting the hives. But I learned large scale farmers are keeping bee populations and when harvesting the honey, they are taking it ALL. They aren’t leaving any for the bees to eat! (Remember, bees aren’t employees making honey for US!! They are making honey for their FOOD!!) Since the farmers are taking it all to sell for profit, they are giving the bees sugar water to eat! Processed white sugar! Then, they found the sugar was too expensive so they started feeding them high fructose corn syrup because it’s a cheap by- product of all the mass corn field farming that is ruining our farmlands! I try not to buy things with high fructose corn syrup in it whenever I can! Who in the world thought bees would stay healthy and happy producing in a place where their food is replaced with such a substance!! I’d leave too!

I have hopes that we as a species will get out of our selfish funk and take care of our home! We have to live here!!

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  1. September 9, 2010 9:34 pm

    I couldnt agree more,and the sad fact is that it is there for everyone to see,but for some reason we dont take the needed steps to fix things.We wont have a home if we dont.Thanks for posting and hopefully it will raise awareness!!

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