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Our personal ipad and our health

November 3, 2010

My analogy of “our personal ipad” comes about as I learn more about my ipad and am constantly finding new ways I can use it for personal pleasure but especially for my business use. It came to my mind that it is a never ending store of new and intricate paths which I can go down,  to ends I am not yet able to see. It is like our path to a healthier life.

OK, let me go a little deeper.

I started my career as a Massage Therapist to help others as well as to find a more flexible work situation to be able to be around for my teenager as well as something I  enjoyed doing. I have found so much more than that. I found a path to my highest health.

I am in the business of serving others. I work on the physical body to help my clients become aware of themselves. That may sound a little odd, but truly most people are not aware of their physical body! We go around day after day doing what needs to be done; shower, eat, go to work, pick up the kids, yada yada yada…What is missing is the true self awareness that our bodies are not just along for the ride but are a part of US! We can affect our personal healing.

Don’t get me wrong, I have this issue too. It is a constant learning experience. Understand- it is a path. A journey. A constant, never ending trail. Don’t expect an end. The joy is the fact it never ends. We should revel in the idea of always being able to grow more, go higher on that path, always knowing we are becoming more.

I believe we all have within ourselves the ability to heal ourselves. The first step is always awareness. I find as I work with clients over a period of time, they learn a lot about themselves and form a new relationship with their own physical body. Some start to develop a  new mindfulness. This mindfulness opens a door to unending adventures. This is the ipad analogy I spoke of. Once you walk through that door, the possibilities are endless. Walking through that door takes an ownership, a responsibility to yourself. If you choose to do so, life offers so many “apps” to help you toward your highest self.  We all have our own paths, just as we can set up our screens as we choose, individually created for our own needs and personalities.  Just as everyone’s technological savvy is at different levels due to their personal experiences directly affecting their maneuverability  through the ipad, everyone’s life experiences will propel them toward their highest health at their own rate. Everyone has their own pace.    Once we become mindful, though, we must honor that responsibility.

I get excited thinking about being able to help people find that door. Notice I said help- no one can do it for anyone else. I also cannot make anyone choose to walk through the door. That is a personal choice, made in the individuals own time, at their own pace. For example, I have a client I have been seeing for over 2 years, pretty much every other week. I know all the problem areas to work on,  the pressure needed and wanted, all the comfort zones to help them relax. But after all those sessions, they always come back with the same issues. Always. Why? You say, Aren’t you supposed to fix the problems?? I can alleviate them for a time, but chronic issues are created chronically.  Truth is I can only help them to the door. They must walk through on their own. They must choose to own the issues and find the “app” that works for them to move toward their healthier self.  Some people come to me and expect me to fix the problems. These people never understand the idea of awareness and ownership. They are just content to have me work on the problems. If they would move toward the ownership, they could start to alleviate the issues with my help. The understanding that I am a guide and not a leader is hard for some to grasp.

Here’s To Your Health!!


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