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Turning inward… Autumn Newsletter Expansion (Sept 2015)

September 17, 2015

Turning Inward can be quite simple and at the same time one of the most difficult things a person can do. The Key is to realize you are more than your ego- actually, your ego is not you at all. You can “train” yourself to be the watcher and see that the ego can rule or be quieted. If you are truly living in the moment, the ego has no space to exist. This can be a truly exciting and scary experience, but one whose benefits are endless!  Read on for some suggestions for helping with this journey…

  • Learn More…

I’m including some of the books that I have been influenced by. You may or may not enjoy them, you may find some that you can relate to better. I am always curious to hear from others’ as to what helps them!! Please share with me by email some you like. or on my Facebook page at

Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now

DonMiguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements

Anodea Judith – The Sevenfold Journey (reading this one now-Thanks Pat Clarke!))

  • Tai Chi / QiGong

This is a relaxing form of martial arts that also can be a form of self-defense! The Jing Ying Institute  in Severna Park offers a class for beginners as well as a class for those familiar with this relaxing modality. They describe it as ” an internal style of martial arts, teaches mental focus, while emphasizing coordination, balance, relaxation, and proper breathing.” (For more info on their classes, click here.)

  • Meditation

This ancient practice has had all sorts of airplay in recent years and I hear a lot of people say “I can’t do it”. I think it’s important to know, there are different ways to go about it, and it’s not just about being tuned out and at peace. A traditional Buddhist practice does not have you sitting with your eyes closed, tuning out- but rather becoming mindful of the surroundings at the same time un-focusing on them.

There are other ways to find a place of peacefulness within you as well. Read on for a couple ideas…

    Sensory Deprivation- I mentioned this in another part of this newsletter , but I will add it here as it can be a great tool for clearing your thoughts. Float Annapolis is a local business that offers this peaceful process.  You can learn more about the theory behind these float tanks here. 
    Labyrinths–  What is a Labyrinth? (More detail here) This is a path created for walking meditation. It is usually a stone path  woven of concentric circles in an ancient geometric pattern. Many times referred to as a three-fold path- simplified as being: the journey in representing letting go, the center representing illumination and the journey back out representing taking the benefits back to your life. This reminds me much of the Buddhist Threefold Way of Ethics (cleansing of wrong-thinking), Meditation( relating to illumination) and Wisdom (as in using what is learned to live in a good way) .  I have also heard some say if you are trying to figure out a problem, to start at the center and work your way out, and if you have a question you are looking for your mental clarity on, start at the outside and work your way in. Either way it can be a relaxing experience.  There are a couple that I know of here in town- you may have been right by them and never noticed! One is in the front lawn of  St. Luke’s Church  on Bay Ridge Ave and Fairview Ave in Eastport. The other is in front of The Maryland Hall for the Performing Arts by Bates Middle School. Both locations are open to public anytime.
    Mandalas– Whether you are creating them with sand as the monks do,  just concentrating on them as a meditative concept or coloring them, mandalas are a beautiful distraction from thinking. They are meant to represent the universe and usually consist of circle within a square having within a very balanced geometric composition, though artists tend to take liberties and create their own composition! There are lovely artworks and books you can use as reflecting meditations or here are a couple links to sites you can print out your own to color!    PrintMandala  ColoringPagesforAdults

As always, Here’s to Your Health!

Jennifer Sage ~ SagesMassage

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