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Letting go… Autumn Newsletter Expansion (Sept 2015)

September 19, 2015

Letting Go…youblewmeaway

See the Truth of You, and letting go will happen naturally and without effort.

So, let go, of your need to let go.

It’s already done.

-Tiger Singleton

Easing away from things- physically and mentally as well as emotionally- can take a lot of energy. Some of these suggestions overlap with other parts of this month’s newsletter, just proving how interconnected our body-mind-spirit health really is!

Material release

  • 40 bags in 40 days

A good friend of mine told me about this house “cleansing” experiment she learned of when she was trying to downsize. It looks like this: For a 40 day time span, EVERY DAY  YOU FILL 1 BAG WITH THINGS TO GET RID OF…that’s it! Easy, right? She suggested the bags don’t always have to be the same size (wink-wink) but if you were to keep on this, you could significantly reduce your load! Now,  I’m a nostalgic person – I like to have things my Father made or my Son gave me when he was little, so I’m not saying just rid yourself of things willy-nilly, but I know I definitely have a potato masher in my kitchen that has not been touched in YEARS! (have I ever used it?!?) Then there are all the clothes that no longer fit me. So, you get my drift…

To help you once you compiled things to  Let Go, there are different groups that will come pick it up right off your porch! Here are a couple I like to use:  The Lupus Foundation   &  Vietnam Veterans of America.      I’m sure there are others, so make it easy on yourself and just schedule a pick-up!

  • Hire a Pro!

There is always someone who is a professional at whatever you may need- including de-cluttering! There are consultants all over who can help you  do everything from organize & purge, to incorporating fengshui into your home or office!

   Donna Detting is a simplicity coach, professional organizer & artist. She works with clients starting from a place of Joy, where she helps envision the space and life you want to create and then helps make decisions on what to purge and how to organize in order to support that vision. She also helps to develop new processes so that you are able to sustain that vision. See more on her website Her phone # 301-330-8750.
    Some local fengshui consultants:  Yarrow at FengShui at the Bay

There are people out there to help if you have a hard time on your own, and sometimes just having an honest friend there can be a great start!

Physical release

  • Massage

I am, obviously, a great proponent of massage therapy. I have not only experienced it myself, but have witnessed in my 8 years in the career, many physical releases on the table. Sometimes we just need a little sign-post to point the way toward that release.

  • Reflexology

This is another modality that I offer that allows my clients to find an avenue of release. To relax as well as affect all systems and parts of the body  is a powerful thing. I have clients who benefit even when they don’t realize the full scope of this wonderful practice!

  • Reiki

This is a very subtle and non-invasive yet effective way to help yourself as well as clients. Reiki is a practice involving your own inner work which in turn helps to create a safe space for release. It can be incorporated into my Massage and Reflexology sessions to heighten the effects and multiply the benefits for all. Ask me if you are interested in learning more or would like to become a practitioner yourself (it is a wonderful way to heighten your personal energy levels and learn help  yourself as well as others).

  • Exercise

This is a great way to release physical build-up, not to mention, of course, it keeps you healthy. Some of my favorites include rebounding,  yoga, hula-hooping & bike riding (or in my case, it’s trike-riding :).  Really, any form of  exercise that you enjoy and does not harm your body is perfect.  Not all forms are for everyone, so check in with your body and be aware what does or doesn’t treat you well.  Water workouts are great for people with arthritis or who detest sweating, Jogging tends to be hard on the joints so may not be best for those with problem knees or disc issues. Listen to your body- there are myriad ways to get your exercise in.

  • Diet

What we eat is the most important tool to health that we have- the Best Medicine!  Our best bet is to avoid toxins from the environment and processed foods, but even the healthiest eaters cannot avoid all that is contacted.  We can cleanse the inner body with different foods and supplements to release the toxins we take in. There are different nutritional systems designed for different body types and focuses to help rid ourselves of the buildup, so do your research and see what is right for you! There is a lot (understatement!) of info out there, and it can be easily overwhelming. There are dietitians or nutritionists that can help you look at your personal situation as well.  Nature’s Sunshine is the company I use-  (If you would like to get my wholesale discount, just put in this sponsor code when checking out-3334564 – you don’t have to sell anything, just spend $40 or more at the discounted price. If you have any questions, let me know!)

  • Movement 

There are many ways to incorporate movement in your life- including all the exercises I’ve listed above and all other forms! I’m going into a little more depth on movement itself as a form of release.  The practice of Tai Chi is a wonderful way to not only go inward (I go into more depth in the “Turning Inward” segment of this month’s newsletter) but also getting into the flow and beauty of movement of your body.

      Tai Chi -A form of martial arts that promotes personal spacial awareness & balance, as well as meditative movement and breathwork. Jing Ying Institute is a local martial arts studio that has classes for beginners as well as those who may have practiced before.
      Somatics – A fellow Therapist colleague of mine teaches Hanna Somatics -which, according to Thomas Hanna, is a “form of neuromuscular (mind-body training) movement re-education that goes directly to the root cause of most chronic muscular pain: the brain and the way in which it senses and organizes the muscles and movement.” You can learn more about Ryan on his website: Somatic Health Solutions . He advocates daily movement of any kind, but especially certain exercises he can teach you personally to re-educate your muscles to empower you to release!  Dancing is a wonderful way to get moving!
      Dance – This is perhaps one of the most fun ways to move-it, move-it! You can go to a studio & actually learn classic styles like salsa, tango, waltz etc.. do dance therapy where you move through issues bottled up or just effecting you or just put on some music and let your mind empty and your body just do it’s thing! Some like to go to a club but you can just as effectively dance at home. The key is to move your body!

Mental/Emotional release

There are innumerable ways to help yourself release mentally and emotionally, some of which I’ve already mentioned above, as they work on both the physical and emotional planes. So,  at the risk of repetition but for the sake of helping inspire someone who may not have read other sections, I will go over ways that I’ve tried or know about and have heard are effective or others.

  • Massage/ Reiki/ Reflexology

You can find all 3 of these above as they are beneficial to your physical as well as your mental/emotional states. If you’d like a little more info, you can go to my website-

  • Mindfullness

This term can incorporate many different practices, all of which are meant to bring you into the present moment. This is a constant practice/struggle. It is so easy to slip into the past’s memories or worry over the future’s possible outcomes, but the only thing that truly exists is now. Try sitting sometime and see where your mind goes. Bring it back to where you are, now. Feel the air on your skin, taste the food- really take the time to taste it, watch the wind blow through the trees and keep bringing your thoughts back to whatever is around you now.  If it is something that annoys you, like maybe the noise of the neighbor dog barking- be with that. If it is the feeling of the water running over your hands as you wash the dishes, be with that. While driving feel the steering wheel- is it rough, smooth, cold, warm? Be with it. Try to keep your attention on whatever you are doing or experiencing. It is a very fulfilling endeavor- one that brings to light the magic within every moment- good or bad.

  • Therapy

Talking with someone to voice your inner feelings and work through issues from the past or anxieties can be  so freeing. There are many  different types of professionals who can help in this arena so finding one that resonates with you is important.  One very heart-based counselor I know is Dr. Nancy Moonstarr. She sees clients both in DC and Annapolis.

However you move forward, the most important thing is to respect yourself and listen to your body and what it may need!

Here’s To Your Health!

Jennifer Sage ~ SagesMassage

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  1. September 19, 2015 8:40 pm

    I will be adding some of these to my sparking joy and letting go list!

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